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(Extra Remark is brand of edutech info services)

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Advantage to School
  • Easy to implement
  • Brand building of image as school provides services to parent bringing them closer to school
  • Regular parent involvement leads to the progress of the school
  • Detailed class and child's analysis for parent teacher and school
  • School attendance analysis
  • Access to homework, remark, and assignment sent by the teacher
  • Access to notice sent by the school to parent.
  • School can give personal comments to the student which can be easily view by parents.
  • School Almanac (Exam, Holidays, PTM, Activities Schedules)
  • Teacher can remain in regular contact with parent for discussing about students performance.
  • Reduce the workload of teacher.
  • Reduce the workload upto 2 to 3 clerical staff.
  • No special training is required to operate the system.
  • No special IT infrastructure required from the school side.

Advantage to Parents

  • Access child record from single location.
  • Access to teacher and school.
  • Receive information about activities and announcement.
  • Homework, Assignment, Report Cards, Wards presence & Remark can be easily reviewed.
  • Parents can review their child's day by day improvement by receiving sms.
  • Parents can view their wards performance even by saving their time & energy.